Our Beers

Whether you’re on a mission to chart the best beers of the southwestern states, looking for a relaxing drink after work, a place to meet friends, or watch the big game, the Mojave Brewery beer and wine bar is the place for you. We are truly an oasis in the desert: We enjoy good conversation and music almost as much as brewing and drinking great beer.


Weekend Warrior Blonde Ale

This is a light and crisp blonde ale with lower hop character than most of our beers, this beer is still distinctive and tastes great. This beer a great intro beer for those getting into the craft beer scene as well as the seasoned craft beer drinkers looking for a refreshing beer.

Shotgun Wedding
Raspberry/Pepper Ale

Shotgun Wedding is like no other beer you have ever tasted. We took a beautiful blonde ale, added raspberries, and then added Serrano peppers. This beer begins with a slightly tart taste from the raspberries that grows to a balance between the Serrano pepper and light two-row malt flavors, then finishes with a slight heat that lingers. This beer is an unexpectedly perfect ‘marriage’ of distinct flavors.


Point Break WCIPA

Characterized by floral, fruity, citrus-like, American-variety hop character, the IPA beer style is all about hop flavor, aroma and bitterness. This has been the most-entered category at the Great American Beer Festival for more than a decade, and is the top-selling craft beer style in supermarkets and liquor stores across the U.S.

Ruby SoHo Grapefruit Cider

This grapefruit cider is one of our several ciders that we make throughout the year. Ciders are fermented apples then back sweetened with additional fruits. It is crisp and delicious with a 8.2% alcohol level.


To Be Pear - Perry

This delicious Perry (similar to a cider but made from pears) is everything you want from a Perry. It dry and crisp with a hint of pear. Goes down way to smooth.

Coffee Famous

Coffee Porter is a rich, smooth Porter with a roasty malt backbone, a bold coffee aroma


Chocolate Famous Porter

Almost Famous will find a place in your heart as a beer that is full of flavor but lighter in character than one might expect from a dark beer. Toast, malt and chocolate flavors balance the delicate fruit and flower characteristics of the hops used in this beer.

Ain't Nothin To F#ck With Imperial Stout

The stout comes in at 17% abv. Hints why the name is what it is. This stout has heavy notes of chocolate and light notes of coconut.


Red Dawn

Red IPA is one of the newest sub-styles to break off of the American IPA style category. But, it is also the sub-style with the weakest case for separation. Little differentiates the Red IPA sub-style from its mother. A little less caramel maltiness and a shade or two lighter; it’s an American IPA.

Red 5: Irish Red Ale

Irish red ale is known for its unique malty taste and is on the lower side of the bitterness and alcohol content scales. If you love American craft beer, the Irish red ale beer remains a great style for beer lovers to seek out and appreciate.
Irish-Style Red Ale


Exit 23
Pale Ale

Characterized by floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney, resinous American hops, the American pale ale is a medium-bodied beer with low to medium caramel, and carries with it a toasted maltiness.

Road House Imperial IPA

This Imperial India Pale Ale is a hop flavor focused beer. When brewing Bones Brigade we find a balance between the flavor layers of citrus that is anchored by a clean bittering hop backbone. This beer may change from year to year, but we will always consider this an excellent representation of the hops that have been presented that year. That said, the consistent level of bitterness will never overwhelm your ability to taste the hops.


You're My Boy, Blue
Blueberry Cider

This blueberry cider is one of our several ciders that we make throughout the year. Ciders are fermented apples then back sweetened with additional fruits. It is crisp and delicious with a 7.5% alcohol level.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels- Barrel Aged Stout

Strikingly bold and undeniably beautiful, the stout beer style blends generous amounts of dark malts with hops to offer an adventurous experience that is unmatched by other styles of beer. Are you afraid of the dark? When it comes to stout, don’t be. Allow your senses to run wild with this deceivingly sophisticated take on a European staple. Then this beer was aged in a Smoke Wagon Whiskey barrel  for 12 months.


Ready Lager One

A very pale, highly-carbonated, light-bodied, well-attenuated lager with a very neutral flavor profile and low bitterness.

Philly Sour: Mario

Philly Sour produces moderate amounts of lactic acid in addition to ethanol in one simple fermentation step. This first yeast in the WildBrew® series is a great choice for innovative, sessionable sour beers with refreshing acidity and notes of stone fruit.


Sourvisiae: Luigi

Tangy, sour, slightly fruity

Millions of Peaches: Cider

This peach cider is one of our several ciders that we make throughout the year. Ciders are fermented apples then back sweetened with additional fruits. It is crisp and delicious with a 6.5% alcohol level.


Cask Beer: Ask us what's on!

Cask ale, also known as cask-conditioned beer or 'real' ale, is beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the barrel. Brewers of cask ale don't interfere with it, they don't filter it. Using a hand-operated hydraulic pump, the beer is then drawn up from the cellar into the glass.