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calculate solar power

The area of the battery panel required by the 1MW roof photovoltaic power station is 1.65 * 0.992=1.6368 ㎡ for one 235W polycrystalline solar panel, 1,000,000/235=4255.32 cells for 1MW, and the total area of the battery panel is 1.6368 * 4255.32=6965 ㎡

Theoretical annual power generation=annual average total solar radiation * total battery area * photoelectric conversion efficiency:=5555.339 * 6965 * 17.5%=6771263.8MJ=6771263.8 * 0.28KWH=1895953.86KWH=1896000 kWh

Actual generation efficiency

The DC power output by the solar panel is the nominal power of the solar panel. Solar panels operating on site often fail to meet the standard test conditions, and the allowable deviation of output is 5%. Therefore, the impact coefficient of 0.95 should be considered when analyzing the output power of solar panels.

As the temperature of the photovoltaic module increases, the output power of the group f: l II will decrease. For crystalline silicon modules, when the internal temperature of the photovoltaic module reaches 50-75 ℃, its output power drops to 8.9% of the rated value. When analyzing the output power of the solar panel, the influence coefficient of 0.89 should be considered.

The accumulation of dust on the surface of photovoltaic modules will affect the solar radiation intensity radiated to the surface of the solar panel, as well as the output power of the solar panel. According to relevant literature, this factor will have a 7% impact on the output of photovoltaic modules. When analyzing the output power of solar panels, it is necessary to consider an impact coefficient of 0.93.

Due to the non-uniformity of solar radiation, it is almost impossible for the output of photovoltaic modules to reach the maximum power output at the same time, so the output power of photovoltaic arrays should be lower than the sum of the nominal power of each module.

In addition, the mismatch of photovoltaic modules and the loss of inter panel wiring are also included. The coefficient of these factors affecting the output power of solar panels is calculated as 0.95. The efficiency of grid connected photovoltaic power station after considering the installation angle factor is 0.88.

So the actual generation efficiency is 0.95 * 0.89 * 0.93 * 0.95 X * 0.88=65.7%.

Actual annual power generation of photovoltaic power generation system=theoretical annual power generation * actual power generation efficiency=189.6 * 0.95 * 0.89 * 0.93 * 0.95 * 0.88=189.6 * 6 5.7%=1,245,600 kWh


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